Friday, January 25, 2008

Weekend Review, Part 1: Scorpion Bowl Odyssey

The last time The Hit visited me back in August was a pretty epic weekend, and one day I'll get around to recapping it, but this past weekend was very fun as well, with way too many activities that I am still recovering from.

So after we met near my work and walk home, it's up to the rooftop for beers and sunset chill time. Then we scooped up Bonita and went out to a great seafood dinner at Pacific Cafe, where they serve you free wine if there is a wait for a table {genius, why don't more family owned restaurants do this?}, and continue to top you off until you are seated. After dinner I tried to explain Trad'r Sam to my companions, as neither had been, but it is something that can't really be explained, it must be lived, so we all decided that it was something that we needed to do right then, so over we went.

Spelling: bad. Drinks: good.

Plain and simple, Trad'r Sam is one of the best dive bars there is. The highlight of the Polynesian theme is not the decor but these things called Scorpion Bowls, which come literally in a salad bowl and are filled with more alcohol that should be legally allowed, yet they taste yummy enough that you don't notice the damage that they are doing to your body. Oh, and in a city where a beer runs you $5-7 each, the Scorpion Bowl can be yours for one easy payment of only $14. A good deal in any town, a great deal in SF.

Scorpion Bowl I, frozen

Even after a few glasses of wine at dinner, Scorpion Bowl I was a lighthearted affair: all fun and games. I showed my co-drinkers how to take two straws and join them together to create a super long straw so that you don't have to bend down so far to reach the fruity goodness. It was all smiles and fun.

Scorpion Bowl I in the 1st person

Scorpion Bowl I in the 3rd person

Midway through Scorpion Bowl I, a local tipped us off to the fact that you can order Scorpion Bowls on the rocks, something that I was not aware of. He also said that they were even better, so shortly after pimping SB I we went for SB II on the rocks.

When SB II arrived, we all took a hearty sip. Immediately thereafter, The Hit, a linebacker who goes at least 250, turns to me with wide eyes and says slowly and loudly, "Dude... HO-LEE SHIT!!!".

Scorpion Bowl II: the really happy zone.

From there it just got a bit silly, and by the end of SB II we were all well into the happy zone. I did a little dance, grabbed the plastic guns from the shoot-em-up video game in the corner, did an ode to Texas Tech's "guns up", did a crazy improvisational latin dance to some cuban music, and even flashed my titties to some people.

It took us considerably longer to pimp SB II than it did SB I, but we managed. At that point we had a choice to make: SB III or bust. We were all in the state where SB III sounded like the best thing in the world, but we also knew that SB III would probably destroy our plans of driving down the coast on Saturday and doing a bike & hike up into the redwoods. After some deliberation, we wriggled free from the grip of Trad'r Sam, and went home to crash out. There were doubts all around about getting up early the next morning.

Here's the full set of pics from our fruity alcohol adventure.


Anonymous said...

Those scorpion bowls remind me of these "drinks" you could get at a bar in Santa Barbara that some friends of mine used to go to - they were called tub-a-ritas, I think you get the gist. I always refused because I figured that something that came to me in a bowl was going to head right back out into a different bowl.

You are plainly made of sterner stuff. Or so I thought until I clicked on the link for the moob shot.

As for the young lovely you're with - no, not Hit, the other one - is there something your reading public should know?

Kanu said...

Sure: that I don't date ugly women ;)

Kanu said...


Sure: that I am straight after all ;) {insert single dude living in SF joke here}

Kanu said...


Wait... I have a reading public?

Anonymous said...

well, a reading member of the public, in my case.

DePasta said...

Is that some gay boy from SanFran that you met in the mountains? Oh no, it's just The Hit....