Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Solon's Thumbs Were On Fire Today

Today {well technically yesterday now, as it's past midnight} I received 3 non standard "Happy New Year!!!" texts, all from Solon, each of which were not only incredibly on point, but also mirrored exactly what I was thinking at the moments that I received them.

Tue, Jan 1, 1.58 p.m.
Once again, I am blown away by Tebow's will to win. He only lets his team lose 4 times a season. Thank you media, for your endless promotion of this storyline.

Tue, Jan 1, 8.10 p.m.
Kudos to the BCS for giving us such compelling Rose and Sugar Bowl matchups this season.


Tue, Jan 1, 9.46 p.m.
Thom Brennaman can go eat a dick. Fucking self-righteous piece of shit. You work for Fox, take the ethics lesson and stick it up your ass.

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