Friday, August 10, 2007

Feel Good Friday: Summer Haze Is Finally Here Edition

This week has been great, in part because the new Slightly Stoopid album dropped on Tuesday, and I've been jamming to it all week. Their new song "2 am" is so damn syrupy smooth- it's like the better than Grade A Vermont maple syrup that the maple syrup harvesters keep for themselves smooth. It not on the YouTubes yet, but start off your Feel Good Friday by going here, clicking on "2 am" and giving it a listen, or you can go here, pause the jukebox on the right, and then press play on "2 am" on the left.

To say I'm excited that this weekend has finally arrived would be a massive understatement, on the magnitude of saying that it's warm in Tulsa this week. Hell I've been babbling about it on here since it was announced in April.

Tomorrow night the Summer Haze tour comes to The Greek Theater over in Bezerkeley. Summer Haze = Slightly Stoopid, G. Love & Special Sauce, and Ozomatli all doing their thing. If G. Love and Slightly Stoopid aren't my two favorite bands these days, they're certainly waaaay the hell up there, and Ozo is pretty damn good too. Plus I have seen each of them individually in concert so I already know that all 3 bands are incredible live, so there possibility of concert sound is a letdown compared to the studio stuff is right around zero.

Will G. Love cover Snoop's "Gin & Juice" as he is often wont to do?
Probably and hopefully.

Throw in the Greek Theater, one of the greatest venues I have ever been too- hell I'd probably go see Yoko Ono at the Greek- and I'm excited like a upper middle class 6 year old on Christmas morning. Perched up on a hill in the middle of the Cal campus, from the grass above the seating area you look down on the stage and look up to see the SF bay, Bay bridge, downtown SF, Alcatraz, and the Golden Gate Bridge- it's beyond sweet.

But it doesn't even end there. The Hit is flying in today for the weekend, and not only is he going with me, he scored us backstage passes for G Love from a chance meeting with someone who is marginally affiliated with the band's management, so we may even get to meet some of the performers. At this point it could pour rain all night and I'd still be stoked.

Hopefully collaborations and jams will be the order of the day. Surely G Love will join Slightly Stoopid for his verse on their new tune "Baby I Like It". But most of all I am looking forward to seeing them get together to perform my fave Slightly Stoopid song, "Mellow Mood".

One of the chillest, tightest, and most profound songs evah

Whatever happens, I'm sure that Ozomatli will bring the crazy high energy, Slightly Stoopid will be sick as always, and G. will once again be shittin' on em.

Keep on shittin' on 'em, G.

Have a wonderful weekend, whatever you get yourself into.

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