Monday, June 11, 2007

Sopranos Finale: Loose Ends Initailly Disappoint,
But I'm Getting Over It

Like many of you I was a bit disappointed by the way Sopranos ended last night, with not much resolved and ultimately more questions than answers. Maybe I was just a bit cranky, as I stayed up until 2 am to see the reshowing from 1-2 PST, as I missed the original airings due to my attendance at the Cesaria Evora concert last night at Mountain Winery {which was amazing by the by}. This morning, walking to work, I felt a little better about it that David Chase didn't tie up everything into a neat little bow of either happily ever after or pools of blood, because that really wouldn't have been true to what the show was all about.

Then I got to work and quickly went to find Salon writer Heather Havrilesky's writeup of the finale, since she has been writing on the Sopranos for a while and I find her commentary/analysis to be better then that seen or heard anywhere else.

And she didn't disappoint today either, writing a wonderful article on the finale that again is the best stuff I have read/heard among the mountains of reactions floating around today. It also made me feel much less put off by the ending {and much more appreciative of the use of the Journey tune at the end, which garnered a healthy WTF? when watching}.

If you are a fan of Sopranos, then definitely check out that article- you'll be glad you did.

Gary Kamiya's article on the show in general is rather interesting as well, although be warned that it does get lefty political towards the end.


Robert said...

Kanu, thanks for posting that Sopranos article from Salon. That was the perfect palate cleanser. It is probably better that way...just another episode in the life of Tony S.

Kanu said...

Thanks man. Same for me- I went from pissed and disappointed to feeling much more at peace with the whole thing after reading the article.