Thursday, June 7, 2007

"Hello, Pot? It's Me, Kettle..."

Chelsea chief executive Peter Kenyon has responded angrily to claims that Real Madrid are in talks with Dutch winger Arjen Robben, stating: 'We note that Mr Calderon confirms Real Madrid spoke to Arjen and as a result Chelsea will be writing to Fifa to ask them to investigate an illegal approach by Real Madrid.'

There really is no limit to the level of Chel$ea's classless assholosity. Fucking wankers.


moin said...

Rock on! The list of clubs accusing RM of illegal approaches is now pretty much complete:

Barca (Figo), Juventus (Zidane), Inter (Ronaldo), ManUtd (Beckham), PSG (Ronaldinho), Santos (Robinho), Milan (Kaka), and now Chelsea.

Well on the way to tapping up Nasri or Ribery from Marseilles too. And I seem to recall some saga with Vieira and Arsenal, though I can't say for sure there was much accusation throwing about.

Now all we have to do is start tapping up Bayern (Lahm? Podulsky?) , Liverpool (Gerrard? Xabi Alonso?), and Arsenal just to be sure (Cesc? Denilson? Van Persie? Clichy? Really, just pick one, anyone). Life would be complete.

Moin said...

Oh, nevermind, I take back the Ribery/Marseilles thing. Bayern just bought him. Now we can just tap him up from Bayern instead.

Kanu said...

Nice. PV4 to RM was a major saga in back to back summers, but I don't remember any allegations of tapping up or other sinister works against RM. At one point in summer 04 he apparently decided to go to RM but demanded galactico salary, the club refused, and coincidentally he had a last minute change of heart and decided to stay at Arsenal {only to be bitter at the club for saying they were "neutral" in 2005 about him staying or leaving, a perceived sign of disloyalty by PV4}.

It is generally assumed that at some point Cesc will return to Spain and play for Barca, since he is Catalan. Makes it hard to see him ever playing for RM, considering he is a Catalan boy who was born and raised a huge Barca fan. The only way I could see him at RM would be if Wenger someday ended up as RM manager, then it wouldn't suprise me too much.