Saturday, June 30, 2007

Uncle Ron Not Back In His Rightful Place,
But Back In The Spotlight

Last year ABC/ESPN lost their minds and fucked up a college football institution: Ron Franklin calling the ESPN Saturnight night primetime feature college football game of the week, which he had done, since, forever. Uncle Ron was banished to ESPN2 mid afternoon matchups which ranged from shitty to not bad.

This week ESPN announced it's latest announcer merry go round, and it looks like Uncle Ron is moving over to ABC to call games. Initially I was hoping this meant that he would be doing the featured 8 p.m. EST national telecasts, but the article clearly states the Herbstreit will join Musburger for these matchups. By deduction this likely means that Uncle Ron will be assigned each week to one of the regionally featured 3.30 p.m. EST ABC games. Certainly a step up from where he was last year, but still not where he needs to be: back on ESPN for the featured night game, his charming without being redneck voice once again perfectly representing big time football in the South.

Not rightfully returned to his throne,
but given rule over a better fiefdom.

A tip of the cap to Orson Swindle, who as always, brings the clever, witty, and hilarious whenever his virtual pen meets virtual paper.

I wonder if this means that the Wikkans are going to remove my outrage at last year's switcheroo from Uncle Ron's wiki page now...

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