Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Arsenal Joga Bonito Wednesday:
You Cescy Motherfucker Edition

Arsenal {and now Spanish national team} wunderkind Cesc Fabregas finally turned 20 last month. He's already appeared for Arsenal over 100 times and Spain 15, and last summer at age 19 became the youngest Spanish player in history to play in the World Cup, and played very well at that. Four years ago he became the youngest player to ever start for Arsenal's first team, and shortly thereafter he became the youngest goalscorer in the history of Arsenal Football Club. He is the best passer Arsenal's had since Bergkamp, if not already his equal. One day he surely will return to Catalonia and play for Barca, but thankfully he is under contract with Arsenal until 2014.

Whatever you call him {Cesc, Cescy, Cesc Appeal, C4, Fab4, etc}, he is EL HOMBRE, and is in my opinion Arsenal's most important player and very much the straw that stirs their drink. I also think that after Lionel Messi he is the 2nd best player in the world under the age of 21.

So enjoy this sweet vid of Cesc to a tune that kicked ass way back when, "Thunderstruck" by AC/DC. The rarely seen Arsenal youth team goal he creates {-1:59} is simply que ridiculo.


DC Trojan said...

That was the bomb-diggety, as the kids say in an ironic hipster fashion. I saw very few Premier league games this season (my free weekend time falls when the Italian and Spanish leagues are on) so I had forgotten how good Cesc is at tackling for possession.

I'd also forgotten how much televised games from Highbury rocked - because you could really see what was going on, which is important on compressed satellite feeds.

Moin said...

About the only thing I can say that's missing from his game is, well, he needs to work on his shooting a bit more. Maybe I'm too influenced from watching the more attacking midfielders but once in a while, I'd just love to have a late arriving mid blast one at the GK from just outside the box.

Oh, random note, did ya know he'd prefer to have it say Cesc on the back of his shirt, but the English FA won't allow it? Apparently, you have to be Brazilian for the back of your shirt to say anything besides your surname.

Kanu said...

DCT- Aye. I think I am most amazed by his long passing ability. You're right: Highbury matches on TV were awesome. Great in person too.

Moin- Shooting isn't his problem- he shoots all the damn time. Scoring is. At some point last year there was some stat that he had taken the most shots of anyone IN EPL who hadn't yet scored a goal. He's still so damn young that I have to believe that this aspect of his game will improve.

Didn't know that, but sounds bout right for the FA. Very strange since Gilberto Silva rocks "Gilberto" and the FA is OK with that.

I know that CF's jersey for Spain in the World Cup last summer simply said "CESC"; I thought it was cool as shit. Others had the same thing {I definitely remember Alonso having "Xavi" on his as well, and I think there were a few others}.

moin said...

Gilberto can rock the Gilberto because he is Brazilian. Cesc can't rock the Cesc because he's not. It's quite simple in the eyes of the FA really, i.e. if it lacks common sense, then that's the way it's gonna go. It's gonna be interesting to see how the FA handles Nani, as he is almost Brazilian, rocks the one word nickname that has nothing to do with his actual name. They might let him go with Nani since it's kind of a nom de plume or something.

And yes, I meant scoring/shooting/making them suckers count, Gerrard/Club Lampard style. From what I have seen, this seems to be a problem of the entire club in general. Maybe it's one thing Wenger just doesn't pay attention to?

Kanu said...

Oh no, dude- they don't seem to pay much attention to defending set pieces or taking corners either...

But how to you teach clinical finishing to professional footballers???

From all that I have read on Wenger, certainly he prefers practicing the quick passing style in training that he presumes if done right will lead to goals in real matches, rather than lining up and doing shooting drills.