Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Arsenal Joga Bonito Wednesday: Who Else?

A final tribute to Monsieur Va Va Voom himself, TH14.

First off, a great 2 part piece by Reebok on Henry the man, in his own words.

As normally crappy Reebok commercials go, these are pretty great.
Titi has a nice jumpshot, too.

Perhaps the best "my life" since Mary J's 2nd album

Most Henry compilations feature goals, goals, and goals, but dude has some incredible ball skills as well. Like Ronaldinho, sometimes the most amazing thing to watch with Titi is not his goals but simply when he has the ball and 2,3,4 and sometimes even more defenders cannot get it from him. Remember that in 2002-2003, he did something unprecedented: he lead the league with 24 goals and also led the league with 23 assists, which is just unfathomable. By the by, that is the all time Premiership assists record and will probably be so for a while, and I seriously doubt if the goals/assists double will ever be accomplished again. This video showcases his skills moreso than just his goalscoring ability.

Last but not least, this video featuring some dude doing a Th14 homage remix to 50 Cent's "P.I.M.P", which is truly International Bad Line: it is so bad that is absolutely rules.

"He'll take you on, he'll take the piss, and leave you on your ass,
he is the best, the #1, you know he's fucking class..."

Encore: merci beaucoup Titi, et bonne journee a toi.

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