Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Men's Tennis Rights Last Year's Wrong, Wins National Title

Last year I went down to Stanford to watch the #1 ranked and undefeated Georgia Men's Tennis team lose their only match of the season, and the national championship with it, to Pepperdine.

Last night the Tennis Dawgs came back to complete their unfinished business by winning the 2007 Men's Tennis National Championship, the team's 5th national title overall. They also went undefeated this entire season and post season, finishing at 32-0, meaning that in the last two years they have posted a record of 62-1 with the one loss coming in the national championship final match.

32 up, 32 down. Champions once again.

So congrats to coach Diaz and the entire team on their well deserved title. The best part is that I'm sure that it put a huge smile on Coach Magill's face, and anything that does that is great indeed.

Additional congratulations to Georgia's #1 player, and John Mayer lookalike, John Isner for being awarded the ITA National Senior Player Of The Year Award yesterday. John went 38-4 in singles this season {7 matches unfinished} and 38-3 in doubles with partner Antonio Ruiz {5 matches unfinished} and is currently ranked #1 in the country in both singles and doubles.

Today the individual mens & womens singles and doubles tournaments begin and will continue each day until champions are crowned on Monday. Isner is the #1 seed in the men's singles tournament, and Isner/Ruiz are the #1 seed in the men's doubles tournament. Best of luck to them as well as all of the other Bulldogs who are competing.


Aureliano said...

Ha, I was just telling my wife how much he looks like John Mayer...except that he's a giant. Kinda funny how tall you have to be these days (hard to find a pro tennis player shorter than 6'2").

Congrats to the Dawgs, great season. Also congrats to Dawg Tennis fans...their support has been incredible and noticed. Pretty much all the other coaches and players said that the crowd has been incredible.

Kanu said...

Yeah I really noticed the Isner/J Mayer thing last year at the finals when I saw him up close and in person. At least that kept my date entertained...

Thanks dude. Yeah the crowd in Athens is big and loud and fun- I used to go all the time in college when we hosted every year. They started rotating the finals as other coaches felt we had a competitive advantage, and they were right- all 5 of UGAs titles have now been won on their home courts.

Yeah the fans are a bit nutty. Last year at the finals down in Stanford there were dudes with no shirts, with their faces and chests painted, each with a letter making up UGA, and they each wore a flag with the school's G logo as a cape around their necks. That was a glimpse into the insanity of SEC fans for the laid back, chillax, surfer dudes from Malibu {we played Pepperdine in the final and lost}. It was pretty entertaining to see the looks on the Perrerdine fans' faces as their brains tried to process a few of the hardcore Dawg fans.