Sunday, April 8, 2007

From The Dept. of Are You Shitting Me?:
Welcome To Shingo's House Of Yoga

I have always dug Shingo Katayama, probably because I was at the 2001 PGA in Atlanta when he burst onto the US Golf scene with his great play, constant smile, and wacky yet somehow cool cowboy hat. I'm a pretty big fan of the unconventional, and he definitely seems like an unconventional, cool, & fun dude so I have always pulled for him to do well and kept an eye on him over the last several years, but nothing could prepare me for his wackiness on Saturday at the Masters.

It was really, really cold, unseasonably so, and it was a massive challenge for the players to stay warm and loose.

A massive challenge for everyone other than Shingo, that is, for like everyone else, I had no idea that he was such a Yogini. You know that Arkansas' punter now has a new favorite golfer. Behold:

OK, no biggie:
we've all seen and done this on the golf course before.

Wait a minute, now this is pretty out there.
Is dude a huge fan of the
New Zealand All Blacks?

Dude, WTF?!?!?
Not seen on a golf course outside a local corporate or charity

tournament with Hooters girls or strippers to 'entertain' the participants.

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TD said...

SHINGO!!! I recall us finding out about this guy through the joys of that PGA Championship, especially him skipping a shot off of the lake with a bump on the rocks and onto the green on the par 3 17th. And the joys of watching his antics and his fun style. It is amazing how his outfits were "out there" in 2001 and far from abnormal in 2007. Alas, I always look for this guy and root for him when any golf is aired.
I greatly enjoyed the Pimpin' articles that were dead on in most cases.
Thanks for the laughts!