Thursday, March 8, 2007

Tragic Reminder Of How Absolutely Insignificant Sports Are

Yesterday the gentleman who runs one of the biggest Alabama football sites out there, Tider Insider, suffered a fate that is about as tragic as you could think of: losing a child to a motorcycle accident and then your spouse in a completely different car accident all in one day is about as bad as it gets (thanks to Swindle for bringing it to my attention).

I don't follow Alabama football closely at all; I have never been to, and never knew this man, but my heart goes out to him and his family nonetheless, and they will be in my thoughts for sure.

Unfortunately it often takes real life tragedies to remind us how insignificant and relatively unimportant it is to be so emotionally invested in following sports teams whose performances we have absolutely no control over. This is one of those times, and is a good reminder for us all to always remember what is ultimately important in life and what is not. As my wise friend DM once told me "sports is the toy department in the store of life, man."

Tell someone you love but don't let them know nearly enough that you love them today, and continued thoughts and best wishes to Rodney from Tider Insider.

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CapstoneAlum said...

Mr. Orr is a fine gentleman, and I know having people, like you, who are so far away from the heart of dixie thinking and praying for him/his family is the only way they will be able to get through it. One never knows when the ride is up...God bless and RTR