Monday, March 12, 2007

Sunday Review

First off, let me just say that Sunday was my favorite day in any given year, simple because it is the first day of Daylight Savings Time, which means that instead of it being dark when I get out of work, I once again can enjoy a few hours outside, and specifically I can get back in better shape by riding the bike over to Marin Headlands during week.

Secondly, I can't say it any better than Myles, so I'll just borrow from him:

AN ARSENAL-FREE weekend has been enjoyable.

It's a big relief to be removed from the anxiety of watching the team that can't score. It was fun to relax and just watch a few games on the box.

Now then...

Inter Milan 2-1 AC Milan
I was right: this game was only 30% as good as Barca-Real, but was still pretty good. AC Milan went up 1-0 on a wonderstrike from Ronaldo, who for some crazy reason is wearing number 99 - perhaps he is a huge Wayne Gretzky fan? Anyhow, a great shot from 20 yards out with his off (left) foot and perhaps Inter's unbeaten season was going to end at the hands of their oldest rivals. Nope. De La Cruz got the equalizer appromixately 8 seconds after coming on as a sub, and then Zlatan put them 2-1 up with 15 minutes to go. You can't say it wasn't deserved, they had the better of it overall. Can anyone beat Inter now, or will they go the whole season unbeaten?

Celtic 0-1 Rangers
Didn't see this match, but apparently Celtic dominated, outshooting Rangers 19-4, but Rangers but the ball in the net to steal a win from their old rival. Probably the highlight of their season, since they are still 912 points behind Celtic in the table and have no chance of winning the league.

Bayern Munich 1-1 Werder Bremen
Didn't catch this one either, but I'm guessing that Bayern can't be too pleased with this result.

FC Red Stripes 5-1 SF Scousers
We started with only 4 players versus their 6 (in a 7v7 league) but soon went up 1-0. After a few minutes we had our 7 players and it was on. Red Stripes were a well oiled machine today, and your boy scored 2 and assisted on 2.

Didn't think it was possible, but the weather Sunday was even better than Saturday. 75 and sunny, not a cloud in the sky. After Red Stripes I went to Baker beach for an hour or so, and even got warm enough to go into the ocean. If you are not familiar with the ocean in NoCal, it is fucking cold. After a while I was really hot lying on the blanket, so I opted for the kamikaze 30 yard sprint into the water and dive, because any other method would surely result in chickening out once the water level got up near the, ummmmm, waist. In a word, it was, uhh, refreshing. Or maybe even invigorating. Upon the first 4 seconds of my diving in, my manhood reverted to 8 year old boy status, my right calf, which I strained a bit during the soccer match, rolled up into a super tight cramp-ball, and I'm pretty sure that my heart stopped beating for a few seconds. After the initial shock I managed to stay in for about 2 minutes, then it was back to the blanket to lay out, dry off, and see if my family jewels would come back from the dead. But it did feel good to go in the water and rinse off the post soccer match funk & slime.

In the afternoon I came home, cleaned up, and then 2 of my girl friends {and Red Stripe teammates} came over to have lunch, watch the Real-Barca match that I taped for them, and try to hear me out that Raul is actually much better looking than Cristiano Ronaldo, whom they think is the sexiest man alive. They're not giving up on CR, but they do now accept that Raul is a hottie in his own right. I was getting tired of them going on and on about CR, and simply wanted to point out to them that there are dudes out there who are better looking than him- just trying to help them out the same way that they help fix my fucked up haircuts or bring to my attention that my pants are all too short, look silly, and need to be replaced as soon as possible.

We then adjoined up to my rooftop where we spent the late afternoon drinking mimosas, basking in the sun, and chatting about life. Good stuff. The weekend ended with a random call at 9.30 p.m. from my cousin, who was not only in town from central California, but his sister {also my cousin obviously} had flown in for the weekend, and did I want to come out for a drink? Of course. Drinks, conversation, and great comraderie until 1 a.m. then home to crash and dread going to work on Monday. A wonderful day and a great weekend, and much needed after a stressful week.

I hope yours was the same.


DC Trojan said...

Re: Raul and Cristiano Ronaldo... If I swung that way, there's no way Raul would be of interest. Just saying.

Notionally related: I watched bits and pieces of the Portugal - Greece Euro 2004 final in a hotel in Grundafjordur (Iceland) and the only other people in the common room were three women in their early 20s whose common (not first) language was English. They were admiring CR, and then one said,"I don't like his earrings, they make him look like the gay!"

Cue coughing fit...

Kanu said...

Nice. Hopefully they got to see him cry like a little bitch when they lost...