Thursday, February 1, 2007

Neither Here Nor There, But...

... if you post a video on YouTube about Patrick Vieira wherein:

1) a beautiful woman with the hott Brit accent refers to him as "the absolute bee's knees"

2) some geezer journo says of a theoretical contest of pugilism between PV4 and Roy Keane that PV4 would "knock 'im spark out wiff a right hand - that's an absolute fact"

...then I am going to post it.

Likewise if you make a vid of 6 of PV4's greatest Arsenal goals set to an extremely & horribly cheese-tastic 50s do-wop tune that is so catchy that you walk around singing the chorus for the rest of the day:

That is all.


DC Trojan said...

Dammit, you have to put a clearer warning up about that "song."

The journalist in question - Steve Bunce - is often on "Fighting Talk" on BBC Five Live on Saturdays. It's basically an hour of loosely structured talking crap about sports. His main job is covering boxing, so that's not a casual assessment. Well worth taking the pod-cast subscription since it airs at 3 a.m. Pacific.

aerial show travels said...

very nice way to begin my day :-)