Friday, January 26, 2007


I was so happy to see this story finally come to fruition in the form of a feature article in the New York Times last Sunday by Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer author Warren St. John, since a little birdie told me several months ago that is was in the works.

The article chronicles the heart-warming story of a youth soccer team in Clarkston, GA made up completely of refugee children from around the world, and the extreme challenges and difficulties they face on and off the field. It is made-for Hollywood stuff and definitely worth taking 10 minutes of your day to read.

"We used to be #10, now we permanent as 1"

Please read the story if you get a chance. It was the single most emailed New York Times story last weekend, and I am absolutely certain that this will not be the last that the world hears about this wonderful story. In fact, Variety reported Wednesday that Universal have bought the movie rights to the story and that 1) Warren is going to write a full blown book about it and 2) Universal is going to make a movie out of the story. Beyond the recognition, the best news of course is more funding for the Fugees project to grow and expand. According to the Variety article:

Part of the pic deal calls for Universal to pay $500,000 to build a soccer field for the kids. Part of the money will fund a foundation to benefit the team, and the dealmakers cut their fees so more of the coin would go to the teens.

Wow - so the story dropped in the NY Times on Sunday and this deal was cut 3 days later. The old "Gray Lady" isn't dead just yet, apparently. I'm sure you will see Warren and or Coach Mufleh making the rounds on talk shows in the near future. My hearty congratulations to everyone involved on the well deserved recognition and success.

You can learn more about the Fugees and donate to their worthy cause at their website.

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