Monday, January 8, 2007

A Bad Day For Brain

It just dawned on my this morning how depressing it will be to watch tonight's National Championship game for Louisville fans, because it dawned on me that the reason Louisville is not undefeated and playing Ohio State tonight is because when Rutgers kicker Ito missed that would-be game winning FG against Louisville in the last seconds, some Louisville DB was kind enough to jump offsides on the play, thereby giving Ito another chance which he promptly made, and giving Louisville their one and only loss (they were ranked #3 at the time and would have jumped Michigan after they loss - the computers loved them and they were undefeated, so the rematch shouting would have been a lot less vociferous). Of course, CB William Gay's gaffe was Bill Buckner-esque in that the game was tied at the time so we can't just say that if these men had not screwed up then their teams definitely would have won. The Red Sox would have gone to the 11th inning and Louisville to OT with Rutgers, where they may or may not have won the game. But as a born & bred Bostonian, I can only assume that Louisville fans look back and just know that they would have won the game had it continued, as irrational as that may be. Either way, my point is that Cards fans will have a serious case of the what-if laments today and tonight.

So anyhow, I was thinking that it would suck as a Louisville fan to sit and watch tonight for 3 hours with that little thought rattling around in the back of your head. And my good friend Brian is not only a Louisville alum but he played football at Louisville, so he would be exhibit A I suppose.

Well if that is not enough, it looks like their coach and savior Bobby Petrino is leaving Louisville to coach the Atlanta Falcons. That is like a square kick in the nuts from a steel-toed boot on the same day you already are feeling melancholy about what might have been.

Damn, sorry Brain.


Brain said...

Not be contrary, but I'm cool with him leaving. I've been around football long enough to know that "MOST" D-1 football coaches are like the general population. We all want to get a head. Most coaches are mercenaries, that my friend is a given. The days of The Bear staying at one place for 20+ years are long gone. Bryant would have been fired within 5 years if he had to contend with competing against his own legacy. I have the utmost confidence that my athletic director Jurich can pick the right man for the job. If a guy doesn't want to be here that's cool. Thanks for the help getting the program to the next level. I hope Rom Mexico doesn't give you herpes from close air exposure in meetings. I can't wait to see Bobby blow a gasket watching Vick not hit open receiver after open receiver.

The dude they are talking about bringing in is the guy from Tulsa, Steve Kragthorpe. If he can take us to the next level and would like the opportunity, that makes me happy. Louisville I believe, has become a destination not a stepping stone. I very well may be waaaayyyy to close to it for me to have a clear picture but this is how I feel. Good luck Bobby and the Petrino clan. It has been fun knowing you guys. I really feel that it was a special run. The "Ville" has become better educated football fans because of your influence.

Now this guy may feel closer to what you thought I would feel.

The Hit said...

I could care less about Bobby the coach. I'm more concerned about losing Bobby the player.

That is a picture of the three Petrinos right after Trinity High School won their 17th State Title.

1. Nick the MVP
2. Back Stabbing Bobby
3. Bobby the Bad Ass

Little Bobby was the meanest, dirtiest (in a good way), little shit you could ask for in a safety. Damn! This sucks!

Georgia High School Football - you have been warned!