Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Amusing Visitors

Occasionally I check out the stats for this site to see different things, and I am often interested or amused to see from where visitors are hitting my site. Some are from links on other sites, while many others are from the results of search engine searches - these tend to be amusing and even bizarre. Hadn't done it in a while, but tonight 3 were good so I figured I would share.

From the Department of Bittersweet:
A writer for linked to my piece way back when on Uncle Ron, and the outrage I felt as his being replaced on the ESPN Saturday night primetime game. I was at least happy to learn from the piece that 1) at least Uncle Ron got a nice fat raise to go with his "demotion" and 2) it is great to hear that Ron has no plans to hang up his microphone anytime soon. Also not surprised to hear him stay classy a la Ron Burgundy and not take an opportunity to badmouth ESPN for what they did.

You stay classy, Ron Franklin

From The Department of Hell Yeah:
If you Google "biography of phil steele", the first thing that comes up ADITLOPS. PS#1, bitch. Sweet. Even better is the prospect that the most recent commenter, the ever-ubiquitous Anonymous, is in fact who they claim to be: a co-worker of none other then Steele himself that is "showing this to Phil at work tomorrow... hilarious!". Niiice. That was back in November and I haven't heard from his legal counsel, so hopefully my life is not in danger.

From The Department of Viva La Revolution!:
If you Google "Republilca Deportiva", the 5th thing listed is this. Muy bueno. Don't think I can get to numero uno on that one, but it was amusing nonetheless. Also, thanks to Swindle & Stranko over at EDSBS for spreading the Gospel by taking my advice and selecting the Women of Univision as the official Ladies of EDSBS a while back.

Viva La Revolution!

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