Friday, December 1, 2006

A Rivalry Weekend of Sorts

Tomorrow morning Arsenal's local rivals Tottenham visit Emirates stadium for the first time in this season's first renewal of the North London Derby. As bad as losing to Fulham was on Wednesday, losing to Spurs would be 100 times worse. (the UGA paralell would be: as bad as losing to Vandy was, losing to Tech would be 100 times worse).

My stupid ass will be getting up at the butt crack of dawn and going to The Mad Dog In The Fog pub in the Haight to watch the match live at 4.45 a.m., which confirms that I am either dedicated or completely insane. Or both. (and Myles thought being in the US and watching Arsenal at the 'early' hour of 10 a.m. was tough? Hell, 10 a.m. is cake- 9 a.m. is about as good as it gets for a weekend match in PST dude, usually it is 7 and occasionally 4 or 5).

Then it's over to Bezerkeley to take in my first Cal football game at California Memorial Stadium with my buddy A10 and his mates. And not just any game, but rather The Big Game as it is known where Cal will absolutely destroy their rival Stanford and keep possession of The Stanford Axe (pretty interesting background story as rival trophies are concerned) for another season.

Barring a miracle or a rash of food poisoning,
The Stanford Axe will stay in Berkeley at least another year

Might check out the Ozomatli show at the famous Fillmore on Saturday night, then the FC Red Stripes regular season finale on Sunday morning and perhaps a little golf on Sunday afternoon if the weather is nice.

Not a bad little weekend. I hope you have a great one yourself.

Go Hogs, and Wake too.

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