Wednesday, November 1, 2006

The Week That Was

Georgia's loss to Florida is tricky. On the one hand, you can rationalize that if not for all the turnovers and mistakes we easily could have won. On the other hand, one could rationalize that if not for all the Gator mistakes they would have blown us out. It was nice to see us look like we were playing to win rather than not to lose; first time I've seen this since the South Carolina game really. And it's pretty obvious that Stafford is going to be very special once he gets some experience. I commented somewhere that it already feels that Georgia's notoriously unrealistic fanbase is expecting MS7 to be John Elway from the start of next year just because he is getting the reps this year. I think it will be a more gradual process than that, so I won't expect him to be John Elway until his Jr/Sr years. At this point the team looks like they could win out, could lose out, or could do anything in between. Kentucky is definitely not an easy, automatic win- hopefully we can beat them and then take our chances against The Cheaters and The Nerds.

Watching, or more accurately listening, to a college football game being called by Gary Thorne is a bizarre experience. The dude's voice IS the NHL playoffs, so it's weird to hear him call football. You expect at any minute to hear "Kovalenko SCORES!!!"

Arsenal drew 1-1 with Everton which is mildly disappointing until you realize that Arsenal had 29 shots to Everton's 2, 16 corner kicks to Everton's 3, and an amazing 70% of the possession; then it is massively disappointing. Just like the beginning of the season all over again. I guess not getting results but completely dominating is better than not getting results and getting outplayed, but it is frustrating nonetheless.

The complete and utter joke that is Italian football just keeps getting more joke-y. At this rate Juventus will be back in Serie A by Christmas and by March will be awarded a 10 point bonus as compensation for all the hard times that they have been forced to endure over the last year. What an embarrassment.

Too bad that ESPN didn't show Barcelona-Chel$ea yesterday; from the highlights I saw and from what I read it was a very good and intense match. Lampard's cheeky goal reminded me a little of Kanu's 3rd at Stamford bridge when he single handedly brought Arsenal from 0-2 down to 3-2 up in the last 15 minutes against the best D in the Prem at the time. Mourinho is bitching and whining again like a 4 year old girl. I'm about as moved as I am by Charie Weis claiming that ND don't get enough respect from the national media.

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