Friday, November 3, 2006

Louisville 44-34 WVU

First off, Pat White looks just like Mos Def. Not so much when the helmet is off, but with the helmet on he is a dead ringer (same face but different head shape). Can't believe that I haven't noticed this before.

Pat White & Talib Kweli are BlackStar.

Also, did you know that the Breeders Cup was on ESPN tomorrow? Just wanted to remind you in case you missed it.

The city of Louisville wakes up this morning with an enormous hangover after winning the biggest football game in their history and then going on a massive pub crawl all the way down Bardstown Road. Now they have today to sober up and rest before celebrating Breeders Cup tomorrow with copious amounts of Kentucky Bourbon.

Thursday night lights

The ticket fairy did end up making a mid-afternoon visit to Brain, so he was able to join The Hit at the game last night. They sent me a few photos from the evening's festivities.

Brain was hoping that there would be no couchburning

The game was actually very even, the difference being the fumble return for a TD and punt return for a TD early in the 3Q for Louisville. Brohm's TD pass to Urrutia was the prettiest pass I have seen all year. Maybe prettiest isn't the right word, best might be better - perfectly thrown, perfectly timed, no chance for the DB to get it, and put in a place to give his WR a sliver of room to land inbounds. It was just beautiful.

The Hit in street clothes is intimidating enough.
When he goes ninja on your ass, watch out.

As I said yesterday, Louisville is now West Virginia's #1 fan. They will need WVU to win out (in addition to winning out themselves of course) to have a chance to hold off a 1 loss SEC team or SC if they beat Cal & ND.

This dude obviously missed class today (yes it was 25 degrees last night)


Anonymous said...

Sharpies were in full force last night. Too bad it was so damn cold. Not a simple coed was willing to be autographed by The Hit. See you in AZ beotch!

The Hit AKA "The Ninja"

Brain said...

That coed will be leading a Fortune 500 company someday.