Sunday, November 12, 2006

Houston Nutt's Call Of The Week
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In Fayetteville yesterday, Arkansas head coach Houston Nutt picks up the phone, starts dialing, and says "let me call this old coach...".

Over in Knox Vegas, Tennessee, Phil Fulmer sits at his desk in his office, hears cell phone ring, and picks it up:

Fulmer: "Allo?"

Nutt: "W'sup?"

Fulmer: "Nothing, what you doin'?"

Nutt: "Nothing, just kickin' it."

Fulmer: "{something indistinguishable}"

Nutt: "Nah. What you going to do today?"

Fulmer: "Uggh, look at some game film, eat a few bags of Cool Ranch Doritos and an entire Bison, then maybe get meet with some of my coaches for supper. Why, w'sup?"

Nutt: "Hey, did what's they name get after you yesterday?"

Fulmer: "Who?"


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