Friday, November 3, 2006

Bizarro CFB Week Continues

So the biggest game of the week is done and dusted before the sun even rises on Saturday, which in and of itself is bizarre simply because I don't think that it has ever happened . More bizarre-ness to ensue tomorrow:

Welcome to College Football Bizarro World

For the 1st time in its 16 year run, ESPN College GameDay will not be hosted by Chris Fowler tomorrow. ESPN won the TV rights to the Breeders Cup from NBC and have strangely chosen Fowler to anchor their coverage from noon-7 on Saturday. Strange because in Kenny Mayne they have a great (albeit quirky) announcer who is very much into horse racing, follows it and broadcasts it all year, and is very knowledgeable (he'll be on the broadcast just not anchoring like he usually does). Fowler not a big horse racing guy so it seems odd. Either way, he won't be on GameDay, which will give LD a different dynamic to analyze in his brilliant way. My guess is that Rece Davis will take Fowler's place, and that Fowler will at some point join in on the phone or something as part of the ESPN cross promotion extravaganza, with painful CFB-horse racing analogies aplenty.

As the Breeders Cup will be on ESPN from noon-7 EST, there will be no CFB games on ESPN until the 7.45 South Carolina-Arkansas matchup. So to get your noontine middle of the road or worse Big 10 matchup you'll have to look elsewhere: Iowa-Northwestern gets moved over to GamePlan.

If at the beginning of the year you were told that Wake Forest-Boston College would be the crucial ACC game that determined which of those 2 schools went to the ACC Championship game, you would have attributed such a statement to a terribly bad acid trip. Again, bizarro.

Georgia is again not on TV in any way, shape or form: the price of mediocrity I suppose. Although certainly the UK-UGA game is a better matchup than Utah State-Hawaii, Troy-UL-Lafayette, or Idaho-Nevada, all of which are on ESPN GamePlan.

And finally, it's November and RUTGERS is 8-0, ranked in the top 15, and will likely be in the national game of the week next week against Louisville. That is QEDMF bizarro.

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Dirk_Star said...

Who cares? Dude, nothing matters except Ohio St. vs Mich... GO BUCKS!!