Friday, October 20, 2006

Week 8 Useless Predictions

YTD: 23-21-2 (52.2%)

Texas -4.5 @ Nebraska

Loss. Nebraska 20-22 Texas

Wisconsin -6 @ Purdue
Win. Purdue 3-24 Purdue

Baylor -3.5 v Kansas
Loss. Baylor 36-35 Kansas

Tennessee -11 v. Alabama
Loss. Tennessee 16-13 Alabama

Clemson -7.5 v. Georgia Tech
Win. Clemson 31-7 Georgia Tech

Solon's much more researched picks for week 8 can be found here. Happy Action.

Totals: 2-3 (40%)
YTD: 25-24-2 (51%)


moin said...

Two out of the 4 picks involve my schools winning. Very well done.

Kanu said...

I'm going to ride with the Baylor Bears again, so now it's 5. Anyways...

re: Very well done -only if they win and cover, Moin, only if they win and cover.

PB said...

Love Wisconsin and Tennessee.

Don't know what's up with my SportsBook - they have Texas at -7.5. WTF? I'd take Texas at 4.5 though.

Like Baylor at home, too - Jayhawks are an awful road team. Awful.

moin said...

Well, both you and Solon have them winning and covering, which can only mean good things (and that my homerism isn't completely unfounded).

Kanu said...

PB - Tex was -7/7.5 all weekm but at the LV hilton last night it had dropped all the way to -4.5

This site lists current odds at many of the LV books:

PB said...

I'm on and the line is still -7. Weird...

moin said...

Well, my two teams came through and covered their spreads.

No comment on your other bets. ;)