Monday, October 16, 2006

Week 7 Random Observations

As stupid as many think UGA defensive coordinator Willie Martinez is, Arizona State coach Dirk Koetter, trailing USC 21-28 and facing with 4th and long from his own end with 1:30 left and 2 timeouts, PUNTED the ball away to SC, who proceeded to run the clock out via a run and then victory formation . I guess that new clock change rule that has so massively changed the end of games failed to make it into ASU's preseason PowerPoint presentation (but he apparently did watch that Georgia-BC Music City Bowl a few years back where Richt punted with I believe 0:53 left).

Maybe that bad call against Florida was the SEC Inept Officiating Karma (sponsored by Golden Flake) coming back and biting them in the arse for their win against Vandy last year, where a damn near unstoppable Cutler was a last minute 2 point conversion from defeating Florida when they were flagged for excessive celebration that was nowhere near excessive celebration, so they had to kick a 35 yard extra point instead and lost in OT. Of course the bad call against Florida did not explicitly cost them the game: they would have attempted a go ahead FG on 4th down with a kicker who is pretty dodgy, and even if they made it they would have been up by 2 with 8 minutes still to play, but you get my drift (and gratuitous Golden Flake - The Official Potato Chip of the SEC reference).

I noticed lots of lazy analysis late Saturday night that Auburn made a bunch of adjustments and outfought the gators to get the win. Wilber flat out dropped the ball, that O-Lineman decided it would be cool to play D-Line for one play and tackle him a Tiger/Plainsman/WarEagle in the end zone, Leak "fumbled" of his own accord, and then threw an utterly shitty pass that got picked, and of course the last play had absolutely nothing to do with Auburn doing anything especially well. Plain & simple Auburn played well but not great and was gifted a win by the fuckups of the Gators, who only allowed12 points from the Auburn offense but still managed to lose 27-17 . That being said they will both still beat our ass.

The Cal game not being on TV us just flat out ridiculous. A top 10 team on the road against a tough Washington State team that was 1 play from knocking off #2 two weeks ago. Not only was the game not on national TV or even ESPN Gameplan (who among others showed Western Michigan-Northern Illinois, Fresno-Hawaii, Troy-Louisiana-Monroe, Miami-Florida International), it wasn't even on in the Bay Area where I live. An absolute joke- equal blame to TV and to the PAC10 for having negotiated such a weak TV contract.

Cal will win out, beat USC at USC, finish 11-1, and still get no respect east of The Rockies because of their utter destruction at hands of Tennessee, moreso if the Vols lose more games. Unless they beat the loser of the Ohio State-Michigan game by 2 touchdowns in the Rose Bowl (if that is really how the Big 11 plays out).

Let the ESPN hype machine begin! Ohio State-Michigan is "the game of the century!!!" even know it is a month out and neither team is 11-0 quite yet. Expect Shelly Smith to start covering this story this week.

The John L Smith Meltdown Of The Week goes to formerly 15th ranked Iowa: up 21-7 against the Indiana team that lost 59-0 to Wisconsin a few weeks back, they pulled a nice John L and lost outright to the Hoosiers 31-28.

How far Miami have fallen. It's one thing to come out of the tunnel in fatigues or get into a pregame brawl in a #1 vs. #2 clash of the titans matchup, but a prison riot melee against Florida International (whom you were only beating 7-0 halfway through the 3rd quarter)? It's like the low point of some metal band in True Hollywood Story. If only supreme idiot Kellen "I'm a soldier!" Winslow, Jr, was still at "Da U" then it all would have been worth it just to hear his post game comments.

With the new clock rules, will anyone shoot par this year? If you don't cross-dorkify your CFB with golf: will any team score 72 points in a game, or even 70 for that matter? It happened a few handfuls a year in seasons past, but I believe the closest anyone has come this season is Hawaii this past Saturday when they travelled up to Fresno State Country Club and turned in a nice little 4-under 68.

Saw The Departed last night. Of course I am biased against any movie set in Boston with real Bostonians (Matt Damon, Maahky Maahk) doing the chowd accent instead of the tortured attempts at it by non-Bostonian actors (see Vera Farmiga in this movie, Clooney and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio in A Perfect Storm, etc.) , but it's great - go see it.


moin said...

As an Asian, I'm obligated to bring up Infernal Affairs anytime somebody mentions The Departed. IA is the HK movie that the Departed re-made. It's alot "slicker" and "polished" than the Departed (by design really, Scorsese was going for gritty while IA was going for slick). It's a good movie, you should watch it to see how differently different actors can portray the same roles.

In fact, if you don't go see it, I'm gonna send some Triad up your alley. Don't think they don't exist in SF. ;)

Orson Swindle said...

Golden Flake will never be as tasty again now that I've associated it with that call. Thanks, Kanu.

And yes, Infernal Affairs rules, mostly because Tony Leung looks like his soul is 781 years old.

moin said...

That's because Tony Leung's soul is 781 years old.

Orson, ya never cease to amaze me.

Maybe I shall have to share with you the mastery of Jin Yong eventually. (To go with all the MAXX and all that good geek stuff.)

Kanu said...

Wait... Golden Flake is tasty?

Actually, I am pretty sure that I have never had Golden Flake, unless it was at a backyard BBQ out of a big Tupperware bowl and therefore unbeknownst(sp?) to me.

And fear not, as supremely shitty as SEC officals are, it is only a matter of time before the SEC Inept Officiating Karma (sponsored by Golden Flake) strikes again in your favor.

moin said...

SEC official ineptitude is nothing compared to ACC ineptitude. After 3 days of thinking it over, they still can't make the right ruling on the Miami/FIU brawl. One game suspension against Duke, wow, that's some real punishment there.

Solon said...

Damn, Tony Leung is a great actor.

I hope that guy gets some recognition in this country at some point--not that he doesn't get enough respect on the other side of the Pacific.

moin said...

He gets plenty from the Europeans, they give him the Cannes best actor award a couple years back and he's usually always nominated. So... that's nice.

By the way, you guys aren't Asian are ya? What is this I stumbled onto?

Kanu said...

No- Solon is just the guy who does not watch movies, only cinema. You know, only films which end with fin in cursive script across the screen. Don't know Swindle's story - he's just a Renaissance Man methinks.

moin said...

Ah, that explains alot. Tony has been doing quite a lot of art house stuff recently (and good ones). As for Orson, damn. Hehe. The only thing that could have surprised me more is if he starts breaking out JY knowledge. Thankfully, we don't have any of that.