Saturday, October 7, 2006

That Part About Our D being Really Good?
Uggh, Nevermind.

Well that went from fantasy to nightmare pretty quickly: outscored 44-9 after staking ourselves to a 24-7 lead shortly before halftime, and watching another hated orange team join Spurrier's 1995 Gators as the only 2 teams to ever hang half a hundred on us in Sanford Stadium. I hope Doug was at the game or at a pub, or else methinks he will be spending tomorrow at Home Depot buying all new appliances for his pad.

From this...

You know when you have a dream that is so intense that you would swear it was real? Well, that was like having one of those dreams, involving you and 3 of the chicas from Republica Deportiva, and suddenly waking up to a bucket of cold water thrown on your face and looking up to see Owen's mom from Throw Momma From The Train standing over you and yelling at you to get your lazy ass up and take out the trash. this: "Owen! Finish The Drill!"

Question Of The Day

Sugar Bowl loss to WVU: Defense's inability to tackle::
Tonight's loss to UT: ___________

A) Defense's inablilty to prevent a UT receiver from being wide open
B) Defense's inability to get any pressure on UT QB Ainge
C) Defense's inability to rest for more than 4 minutes in the 2nd half thanks to the offense's ineptitude
D) All of the above

It looks like we were a paper tiger after all. Tennessee played really well, especially Ainge. There's not much you can say other than they beat our ass, and to have a little class and congratulate them on a job well done.

I'm just thankful that I am not stuck in traffic right now on 316 listening to the 5th Quarter Show as Bubba from White County bitches about how we would have won if only Joe T had been pulled for Stafford earlier.

For you members of the Optimist Club:

- No drops! (and 5 really, really good catches)
- I'm glad we won the recruiting war for Southerland; he may be our best offensive player right now
- Andy Bailey made both FGs, so his confidence is not shattered (not sure if we can say the same about our D)
- Auburn lost at home to Nutty Arkansas
- The Yankees were eliminated today

That's all I can be bothered to write tonight. More later.


DC Trojan said...

I saw the score changes with mounting concern; it's not that I have a Dawg in that fight, but Fulmer offends me to no end. Painful; you can imagine the mood that my brother the Oregon alum was in today I suspect.

parker said...

Tim Tebow is Florida's Brannan Southerland.

OMAA said...

What a good morning Sunday. Wake up, read the sports section. Find out GT was able to pull it out, dogs, well, you know, and that the Yankees are OUT! If only the Heels didn't totally suck, all would be good. Looks like they need to worry about USF this week after only squeaking by Furman for thier only win.