Thursday, October 12, 2006

Euro 2008: Strange Things Are Afoot
At The Circle K

Euro 2008 Qualifying Standings (top 2 in each group qualify)

England, after a disappointing, listless 0-0 draw at home to Macedonia on Saturday, were outplayed and embarrassed 0-2 away to Croatia on Tuesday night. Apparently they were thoroughly outplayed and did not produce a shot on goal until the 91st minute. Adding insult to injury, they conceded one of the more embarrassing own goals that you will ever see.

The funniest part is of course Borat's face on the advertising board as the ball slowly drifts into the net. The 2nd funniest part is McLaren - what is he writing ever so calmly? Although there are still 8 matches remaining, Engerland will need to sort it out if they are to qualify - they are playing very poorly at the moment.

In group B Scotland beat France 1-0 in Saturday, thier biggest win in forever and a day, leaving them top of the group with 3 wins from 3 matches. They lost yesterday in Ukraine, but if they can somehow keep up their suprisingly good form then this group could get wacky. IF, and it is still a big if at this point, Scotland could somehow finish in the top 2, then that would mean that 2 0f 3 from Italy, France, and Ukraine would not qualify - that's a quarterfinalist and the 2 finalists from World Cup 2006. It still early enough that in all likelihood Scotland will eventually fade and leave the other 3 to battle for the 2 spots, but you never know.

There was another shocker on Saturday: Ireland not only losing but getting shellacked by Cyprus 5-2. Yes, Cyrpus. The same Cyprus that lost 6-1 to Slovakia and then 3-1 to currently awful Wales yesterday. Ireland will need a miracle at this point to chellenge Germany and Czech republic for the 2 qualifying spots.

Lastly, Spain lost their 2nd match in a row 2-0 to Sweden. Not nearly as embarrassing as last time out where they lost 3-2 to Northern Ireland, but they are in a bit of a funk and will need to step it up in order to qualify - their slow start means that their margin for error is now rather small.

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DC Trojan said...

I'm not betting the house on Scotland making it to the actual competition, but given that their fall to earth was a 2 - 0 loss to the Ukraine, in Kiev, with some iffy refereeing -- well, that's a real sign of improvement (cf. the 1 -0 win over Holland that was followed by a 6 - 0 loss on the return leg...)

That video of the own goal is comical, not least because Robinson really never did touch it.