Friday, September 15, 2006

Week 3 Useless Predictions

If you want predictions from someone who even remotely knows what he is talking about, then you are in the wrong place - you need to go here.

Now then, the best way to handicap games is by actually watching games and understanding matchups. Being out of the country for the first two weeks of the season and only actually seeing 1 game is probably not the "best way". But after starting out 0-4 there is nowhere to go but up (although sideways is a statistical possibility I suppose).

So if like Damon & Norton in Rounders you need to come up with copius amounts of cash in the next 48 hours, then bet the other side of these on credit and you should be just fine.

Illinios-Syracuse UNDER 39
Loss. Illinois 21-31 Syracuse

Western Michigan +10 @ Virginia
Win. Virginia 10-17 WMU

San Diego State +14 @ Wisconsin
Push. Wisconsin 14-0 SDSU

Boise State -7 @ Wyoming
Push. Wyoming 10-17 Boise State

Louisville -4.5 v Miami
Win. Louisville 31-7 Miami

Arkansas -5.5 @ Vandy
Loss. Vandy 19-21 Arkansas

Arizona State -11 @ Colorado
Win. Colorado 3-21 Arizona State

Clemson +4.5 @ Florida State
Win. FSU 20-27 Clemson

Navy +1 @ Stanford
Win. Stanford 9-37 Navy

Totals: 5-2-2 (71.4%)

Year to date: 5-6-2 (45.5%)

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