Friday, September 22, 2006

Friday Night Lights

Just wanted to wish my good friends Brain & The Hit luck tonight. They are both alumni of and on the current coaching staff of Trinity High School in Louisville, who tonight take on their longtime rival St. X.

The game is big enough that they play in Papa John's Stadium, home of the Louisville Cardinals. It has been shown on ESPN2 and was written up in USA Today. They typically draw upwards of 35,000 and might get 40,000 tonight. The Kentucky state title has been won by Trinity or St. X in 11 of the past 15 years. Last year St. X beat Trinity 48-13 in September only to lose to Trinity 14-6 in the state championship game.

Like Brain and The Hit before him, Louisville QB Brohm played at Trinity, where his dad is a coach, and Louisville coach Bobby Petrino's son is currently the QB at Trinity. St. X boasts RB Victor Anderson, who has already committed to play at West Virginia next year.

Best of luck, gentlemen.


Brain said...

Thank you Kanu for giving props to a high school football game all the way across the country for you. We were only able to play 10 minutes or so of the game untill weather canceled the game. Trinity looked like the Euros and the tigers from ST. X looked like the Americans in the Ryder Cup. I wish I would have been able to see all 4 quarters.

Kanu said...

Cool, and weird. I just hope that there wasn't some pasty fat Oirish dude running around naked.

Opps - Kentucky. Nekkid.

Brain said...

Godd call on the spelling but we didn't have people from Bowling Green there, just the "Ville". If we would have come back out after a 2 hour weather delay, the nakedness may have ensued.