Wednesday, September 27, 2006

AJBW: Top 25 Eurotastic Goals

Since it is a Champions League week this week, we're celebrating Arsenal Joga Bonito Wednesday with the top 25 Champions League goals ever scored by Arsenal according to "hmason"*. Enjoy.

*Apparently this was made before last spring's run to the Champions League Final, which is why this little gem didn't make it.


moin said...

Considering how little Arsenal have done in CL before last season, I'm surprised he scraped together 25 goals.


Come on, that was grooved right down the middle.

Kanu said...

Touche, Moin, Touche. Not much I can say to that coming from a Real Madrid supporter.

I can only comfort myself by watching that TH14 goal over and over and over again and taking special joy in the look on Beckham's face, and take pride that only 1 English team has ever won in the Bernebeu. I realize this is not much compared to trying to decide which one of their 9 European Championships they feel like gazing at today, but it is something damnit.

Looks like Reyes is settling in nicely - taking Spice Man's free kicks as well as his starting spot.

I think Baptista will be the real deal once he adjusts and gets a run in the team, so hopefully it will be a win/win.

moin said...

Definitely seems like a win/win. I feel bad for Baptista in that he never got a fair shake at RM (then again, quite ALOT of players haven't in the last couple of years, thanks Becks). Reyes has definitely been a plus for us. Hey, what do ya know? Had we bought him a couple of years ago like we were supposed to, instead of say... Becks. (I should be running RM damn it!)