Sunday, August 20, 2006

Can A Wildcat Beat Tiger?

Tiger Woods has had or shared the lead of a major 11 times going into the final round. He has won all 11 times (he has never come from behind on the final day to win a major). Luke Donald is an Englishman who went to nearby Northwestern (Medinah is in Chicago) where he became a legend, winning an individual NCAA tournament title and becoming a 3 time All-American. They are tied as co-leaders at -14. So what will happen?

Numbers alone say that at some point Tiger will be beat in this situation, but will it be today? Donald is playing great golf and has a ton of support from the galleries of his "US hometown". Ogilve and Weir are there as well, but I can't se anyone else winning, just because it is hard to see someone overcome a 4+ shot defecit to TW on the last day and leapfrog 3 other guys as well. So I think the leader will come from the last four. I have TW in a bet against the field and I'm getting 3-1 odds; I feel pretty comfortable with that right about now. We'll see.

I just hope that the golf today is as good as yesterday. TW, Donald, Oglive, Weir, and Sergio all played some incredible golf, not to mention DL3 holing out from the bunker twice in the first 5 holes. At one point yesterday there were TEN dudes tied for the lead; i cannot ever remember that as last as the 3rd round of a major; Thursday morning, sure, but mid afternoon Saturday? Nutty.

The one thing that I want to know about Luke Donald is the same thing I want to oknow about any Brit - what team does he support? Is he a Liverpool fan? Spurs? Wycombe? I know Poulter is an Arsenal fanatic, but I would really like to know about Donald, Faldo, Paul Casey, and the rest. Next time I am at a PGA Tour event I'll have to wear an Arsenal kit to a practice round and chat them up about it.

I'm off to play for FC Red Stripes, then back here to watch the golf. Enjoy.

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