Thursday, August 31, 2006

Bears Invading Knox Vegas

So Cal is travelling to Knox Vegas this Saturday, and my buddy A10 and his crew of Cal diehards are making the cross country roadie. It will be their first foray into the deep fried sweetness of Southern football. I have been hyping the SEC gameday experience to them for several months now, and as much as I dislike UT, Neyland is a flat-out awesome place to watch a game.

I'm guessing they'll have a few culture shock moments.

I have asked A10 to do a writeup of their experience, which I hope to post early next week. I will be interested to hear the reactions & impressions, and I sure as hell hope that they beat the Vols; I'm pretty confident that they will. Hopefully Lynch & Forsett will repeatedly stroll into that goofy checkerboard and say "King me. Bitch." And for the full experience they certainly should go to a Waffle House. After midnight. If not drunk then at least with an excellent buzz.

Bears. #1 threat to America Rocky Top.

Safe trip gentlemen, good luck, and have fun. And be prepared to have Rocky Top stuck in your head for at least a month. Oh, and if and when Cal win, please be obnoxious to the Tennessee fans.

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