Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Arsenal Joga Bonito Wednesday

So I'm starting a new feature called Arsenal Joga Bonito Wednesday. Each week I'll throw up a video showcasing the beatiful game that Arsenal have played in the Wenger era, mainly to bridge the gap between footy weekends. Some will be short, some will be long, some will feature specific players, and some will be general beautiful team stuff. Today is a good place to start since the CL qualifier was not on TV.

So here you go. We'll start of with a nice compilation of Arsegoals to a Euro-tastic dance track. Enjoy.

Joga Bonito that would make Cantona proud.


DC Trojan said...

that was phenomenal... and yet I think that my favorite was right at the beginning where Bergkamp was dancing around with the ball before passing it to Henry to score with.

Kanu said...

Agreed DCT.

Reminded me of this insane skill & assist against Juve a few years back: