Thursday, July 27, 2006

Speaking of Being Back: Italian Soccer Corruption, And Tolerance Of It Are Back, Too

I was absolutely suprised when the ruling in the Italian soccer scandal came down a few weeks ago; I didn't think for one second that the clubs would get anything more than a glorified slap on the wrist. I was wrong, and I pleasantly suprised to be so; I actually had some respect for Italian soccer again.

How would Lee Corso say "not so fast my friends" in Italian?

"Non così velocemente i miei amici!"
(according to Babelfish, anyway)

The clubs appealed the decision, and a new ruling that significantly reduces the punishments was given a few days ago which is much more consistent with my original hypothesis. What a fucking joke. Even worse, Juventus and Fiorentina are still pissed and are now fighting to have their punishments reduced further or eliminated altogether, and Signori Moggi has gone so far as to say that Juve have nothing to be sorry for.

If you are scoring at home:

Juventus: 30 point deduction reduced to 17.

Fiorentina: Relegation reversed. Allowed back into Serie A with a 19 point deduction to start the season

Lazio: Relegation reversed. Allowed back into Serie A with an 11 point deduction to start the season.

AC Milan: Now will be allowed to participate in this season's Champions League, although they must play the 3rd round qualifying stage to make the tournament proper. Their 15 point deduction has been reduced to only 8.

Again, a total joke. Seems the equivalent of a child, after being punished by their old school Mom, simply going to their softie Dad, pleading their case, and getting a lesser punishment.

AC Milan have basically now escaped all punishment. Anyone suprised?

By the time they are done appealing for even more reduced penalties in civil court, don't be suprised if every punishment against all four clubs is thrown out.


moin said...

Uh, yeah, this is basically my final straw. I'm not gonna follow Italian football anymore. Sorry, it's not worth it.

Armen said...

Looks like the soccer scandal did not give any positive effect. In fact the case is now cosed as HULIQ reports in an article "Soccer Corruption Probe Is Closed in Italy." The news article appears at