Friday, July 21, 2006

Bergkamp Testimonial Opens Emirates Stadium on Saturday

Tomorrow Emirates Stadium will host its first match, which will be the testimonial match for retired Arsenal legend Dennis Bergkamp. I wrote about Dennis' contribution to the club and what a testimonial match is back here.

The pictures from the new stadium look pretty great.

From the article:

Saturday’s friendly will be a game of two halves; the current Arsenal and Ajax squad contesting the first, all-time XIs from the two clubs contesting the second. Ian Wright, Patrick Vieira and Johan Cruyff are confirmed, a host of big names will join them.

“It is going to be special,” said Bergkamp. “I had a little bit of an experience with DB10 Day last season. That was quite emotional, this going to be a bit more. The most important thing is that I enjoy the day and share it with some of the other players.”

He is one of the most unique and special players I have ever seen play. Best of luck ot DB10 tomorrow and into the future.

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DC Trojan said...

Pace, guile, vision, ball skills - Bergkamp has it all. Plus that goal he scored against Argentina in WC98... sigh. I'll miss seeing him play for Arsenal.