Saturday, June 24, 2006

Day 16 Random Thoughts / Open Thread


In my original picks I had both teams playing but not playing each other. I still like Sweden to beat the Germans. Not saying they definitely will, but I really like their team. Thusfar they have created 2 million chances and only converted 2. I think against Germany's defense they will create a bunch more, and we still haven't had that game where Sweden put it all together. Germany are great going forward, and this one should be fun. I can see a 3-2 or 4-3 classic. I'll take Sweden 3-2. Watch out for Zlatan - he hasn't done much yet but is capable of some serious circus shit.

Like Kanu, they have no idea what they are talking about

Half Time: Uggh, nevermind. Germany are rampant, Sweden are impotent offensively. Sweden are 0-2 down and playing 10 v 11. This shit is over. Sweden: thank you for coming; we have some nice parting gifts for you.

Where's Waldo Sweden? They're damn near invisible.

Germany 2-0 Sweden.
How to you say total and complete domination in German? Damn, they could have been 4-0 at the half, and from there they cruised. Very disappointed in Sweden - after playing nice offensive soccer and creating a ton of chances in the group stage, they didn't do much of anything. Down 2 goals and a man by halftime they looked to have no chance, but early in the 2nd half they were awarded a penalty which should have put them right back into the match. Except for the fact that they missed it. Pretty standard stuff from there on out.

German women (and 10% of German men) want him.
(the other 90% of) German men want to be him.

Disappointing way for Henrik Larsson to end a wonderful international career with his team playing with such a whimper. Zlatan was very disappointing - perhaps the most disappointing player in the tournament. Whereas Landon Donovan is a good player who was overhyped and didn't perform, Zlatan is a great player who wasn't overhyped but certainly was expected to shine, and he didn't do much of anything over the 3 matches in which he played.

Sweden: the long kiss goodbye.

Suddenly Germany have gone from pre-tournament no-hopers but will be a tough out cause they are at home, to a genuine threat to make it all the way to the final. On paper you would think Argentina should handle them, but today GErmany looked amazing and Argentina were a little off, and it is a home match for Germany, so I would say it is even. That match will be must see TV.

Argentina will simply have too much for El Tricolor. 3-1.

Argentina 2-1 Mexico aet.
Wow. What a match. The Mexicans fought valiantly, and it really showed how much better they are when Borgetti plays. Both goals in the first half were outstanding. The whole 2nd half I was thinking that for Argentina the match was screaming out for Messi, and that if he came on he could really create problems. I was suprised that he came on so late (85th minute I think). Once on Argentina looked more dangerous to me. He and Tevez are just great - at 19 and 21 the future is bright for Argentina for sure. A very tense and dramatic 2nd half couldn't find a goal, so for the first time we got extra time. I for one am glad that they have abandoned the goalden goal/silver goal experiment and gone back to the traditional extra time 2 15 minute periods no matter what happens, then onto penalties if it is still tied.

Mexico put in a huge effort.

No penalties were neccessary today thanks to the goal of the tournament (thusfar) by Maxi Rodriguez. Received a cross at the edge of the box ont he right, used his chest to kill the cross, then fired a booming left footed volley into the far corner that was simply unsaveable. The ball never touched the ground. Just ridiculous. Golaso Enormo. It will take something really special to beat that out for goal of the tournament. Mexico made a few chances but couldn't get a leveller, so Argentina are through to the quarterfinals where they will face old rivals Germany. Mexico earned the world's respect today with their valiant performance. Just a great match, 3 amazing goals, and nice to see an entire match with 22 men on the field for a change.

Oh, and Riquelme looks just like Gilbert Gottfried in the face.

Party time in Buenos Aires.


phil said...

Had they converted that PK and not been a man down, then that might have turned into a great game. But other than some defensive lapses, that was just a clinic by the Germans.

While I agree that Argentina should be favored over Mexico, I was bothered by how many times Balboa was talking about Germany vs Argentina as if the game were already set and then he made a comment that if Germany were to get by Argentina then they wouldn't beat Italy. Somebody should tell him that the games need to actually be played before you declare winners.

peter said...

How 'bout Germany today? Good God!

That could have beasily been 4-0 by half...

Peter said...

Holy smokes what a goal!!! A thing of beauty...

parnellpr said...

Just wondered what you thought of the two matches. I blogged on both. Germany Argentina quarter final too good to miss I think. Any predictions for England? Me too scared to tempt fate. Pippa

moin said...

Before today, I would have said that Argentina held a definite edge against Germany. But Germany was so rampant today, not to mention the atmosphere for said game would be incredible that I'd say that it's pretty even money.

Tough loss for the Mexicans, Argentina fully deserved the win but the Mexicans played pretty damn well, much better than I had given them credit for. But such is the hazard of limping into the 2nd round as they did, you run into buzzsaws of squads like Argentina.