Thursday, April 13, 2006

Note To Self: Do NOT dress like a Ninja at the next UGA Football Game You Attend

I have seen some weird stuff in my years in Athens, but maybe not this weird:

A dude innocuously dressed as a ninja on the UGA campus is tackled by federal agents for being suspicious, thrown to the pavement, and has his face become best friends with one of the agent's knees.

"OK", you say. "I 've been to Athens, so this isn't too far out of the realm of possibility. Obviously this was late at night, and mass quantities of alcohol were consumed. Hell, this is a normal Tuesday night in Athens. Who hasn't been to a Ninjas vs. Pirates keg party at UGA? No big deal."

What if I told you that 1) this happened in the middle of the day, and 2) dude is a member of a campus United Methodist organization and was participating in an event to spread the word bout said Methodist center around campus?

Jihadist with a bomb strapped to his body?
Nope. Adult Dungeons & Dragons player dressed as a ninja

That is one overzealous Federal Agent - did he wake up that morning and watch the Rambo trilogy while chugging Red Bulls & mocha cappachinos before reporting for work? Is dressing like a ninja as a college sophomore, in the middle of the day, a sign of cool or tool?

I'm just glad that this agent doesn't work or live here in in the Bay Area. I see 20 different people a week dressed in wacky-ass costumes in the middle of the day; this dude's head would explode after one day of walking the streets here. Could you imagine this guy down at Fisherman's Wharf and one of his buddies pays the infamous "Bushman" $5 to scare the shit out of him as he walks down the street?

The next ATF agent he scares might be his last

What if this guy spent a day over in Bezerkeley on the campus of Cal? Or down in Palo Alto at Stanford? The Tree would be in much more trouble than it has been recently.

"When I suit this sucker up, it's time to rage"
-recently former Tree Tommy Leap


Mouthbreather said...

"Red fox to gray fox to gray squirrel, I'm outside the campus Methodist center ready to proselytize the lost with our message of power through magic and spell casting...over... What, you reached the fifth level of Druid's Cavern?'re lying. I think Kyle's battle dice are rigged. Here comes a group of hot girls out the front door. I'm going to impress them with my numchuks. When I pull my hood down, I feel like I could slay any jock. Stop it!...Leave me alone Shuriken throwing stars are cutting into my ribs!"

Do you think this incident will hurt this kid's future in the business world? Will it work against him when Wachovia runs its background check at the second stage of the interview process? "We like you resume, and your educational performance is impressive, but would you mind explaining the ninja costume incident?"

OMAA said...

It would appear the dude is wearing running pants for goodness sake. Not exactly ninja atire. Never saw Bruce Lee dressed like that.

Kanu said...


Top drawer effort, that.

RE: Business world- Maybe so, but think of all the totally rad Magic:The Gathering games dude will get invited to.

OMAA- Isn't this something that really should have happened on Georgia Tech's campus? It's a bit embarrassing (for me) when thought of this way.