Friday, April 7, 2006

Masters Day 2: It's Hard Out There For A Pimp

Yesterday there were several pimps strolling the famed fairways of Augusta National. Today: not so much. Very disappointing, but I can always count on my man D Clarke to at least rock some sweet plaid pants, which when I look at them make me feel like that housewife in Napoleon Dynamite: "I want that". He is still the overall leader after day 2 - by a mile.

A sharply dressed man plays golf whilst a bunch
of not sharply dressed men look on

Best of the rest of the slim pickins:

Shingo: always rocking the sweet hat

Spinal Tap Sergio?
Between the body language, absence of a golf club,
and the 3 pairs of tube socks stuffed down his pants,
this thing is begging for a photo caption contest

Where is Ian Poulter when you need him? He was sorely missed on a day where no one else did much of anything. Hopefully significant pimpin' will be in the forecast tomorrow.

On a serious note, tomorrow should be exciting. Anyone wanting to win this thing better make a big move tomorrow, as the winner has come from the final group on Sunday I believe every single year since 1991.

And although the jury is still out on whether the latest lengthening of the golf course is a good thing or not, one thing has not changed: this tournament is first & foremost about putting. 54 year old Ben Crenshaw, probably one of the 10 best putters of all time and currently tied for 65th in driving distance... on the Senior Tour, sits at -1 and tied for 10th after the first two rounds. Not bad for a dude who hasn't made a Masters cut since 1997 or had a round under par since his victory in 1995.

Lastly, if Freddy wins at age 46 and becomes the oldest ever champion, would that take some of the shine off of the mythical status that history has attached to Jack Nicklaus winning in 1986 at age 46?

This has nothing to do with this post or anything else.
Don't ask, long story.


brain said...

Kanu, Your insight amazes me. My predictions on today's pimps. 1. the marker playing with Jim Furyk will look better than Jim Furyk. Loadable will look fly (probably rocking the mustard). Angel Cabrera will have smoothest swing I've ever seen in person but he will look like he wore his outfit to bed. Slept in it. Got up and was going to be 10 minutes late for his tee time. Adam Scott and Sergio will be your best bet. In the same pairing and trying to out do each other. Ernie will still be eating an apple. Tiger will probably be in white. Phil will be nursing his second bee sting this week after he missed that putt on 18 yesterday with black or gray. He might even pitch in a white for good measure. Ben Curtis will be in something that makes him look like the Falcon's towel boy. Clarke will rock the YELLOW today. Big bird won't have anything on that guy.

Kanu said...

Don't forget that Jim Nantz will try too hard to be dramatic and it will come off as cheesy.

If Clarkey went Big Bird that would totally make my day. As long as he goes with plaid pants I'll me more than happy.

I really like Sergio, but he might need to go with some slightly looser pants - he's got the whole GWB "Mission Accomplished" flight suit thing going this week.

Good call on Curtis. Payne Stewart was able to pull of the whole NFL thing, but Curtis: not so much.

I think everyone is pulling for Freddy today. He is the new George Mason.

So Brain - what's your take on the "new' course?

A10 said...

Sergio looks like...

a)What is that thing....(Puberty)

b)This can't be happening now! (similar to the book report in front of the class. Cheeks are blushing)

c)These pants are tight.

d)Hookem horn?

e)It's just the pleats. I'm going to take these back to the pants store. (Kanu I know you know this one)

Shabba said...

As far as this pimpin thing goes, you can almost always count on just about any of the European players. I do have to say that Clarke is usually the man when it comes to pimpin in my opinion. I think that most of them this week are being a little more conservative than usual (you know, being the Masters and all). US players never seem to dress as well, although Tiger always looks pretty smooth.

This tournament is up in the air as to who is going to win. It's hard to bet against Tiger when he is within a couple of strokes of the lead, especially when the course is playing as difficult as it is. Other than that I don't think that I'm going out on a limb to say that I think one of the European players is going to win. Sorry that I don't have anything more insightful to say at the moment, but if something comes to me I'll add it later.

Kanu said...

A10: "Don't act like you're not impressed..."

Shabba: I totally agree with you about the general dress of the Euros, Americans & Toigah(as Ian Baker-Finch would say), I hope you're hitting fairways & greens at MLGC.