Saturday, April 22, 2006

Larry Munson: Pimp My iPod

I was going to share this with Doug, but I figured that there might be a few other UGA gadget dorks technologically-savvy fans out there, so I present to you:

Pimp My iPod, Larry Munson Style

1. Go to the Larry Munson website
2. Click on "Audio Vault" on the left side of the page
3. For whatever Munson call(s) you want, just right click on the MP3 file and select "save target as...". Save it to a desired location on your PC
4. Once you have all you need...
5. Open iTunes and import the MP3s like you would any others (File, Add file to Library, then select the MP3s)
6. Create a new Group called "Munson" or "Georgia" and then label the 'songs' accordingly

"You've been pimped. Loren - whathaveyagot?"

When I did this last fall, I also went to the Redcoat Marching Band page on and downloaded all of those songs by right clicking and selecting "save target as...". Now it looks like they have modified the page so that you can no longer do this - they are no longer MP3s but WMAs that open & play in a Flash window and cannot seem to be downloaded. Perhaps there is someone out there savvy enough to figure out how to get these down to your PC, or you could bribe your Tech buddy with $20.00 a pretty girl's phone number, and he could tell you.

"Well, Larry, it looks like Doug's iPod is now hella tricked-out"

Anyhow, I created a Genre called "Georgia" with 2 artists: "Munson" and "Redcoat Band". Living in SF and no longer able to listen to the tailgate show on internet radio because it is no longer free (you have to join on Georgiadogs, and WSB blacks it out - but they do play some lovely dead air in its place), putting this "Georgia" Genre on shuffle play on Saturday morning gets me appropriately amped up for the game. And anytime Munson comes on when shuffling, it will put a spring in your step as well. Lost your job? Flat tire? Drink thrown in your face? Just fire up "Lindsay Scott!" or "Look at the Sugar falling from the sky!" and I guarantee that your frown will be turned upside-down or double your money back ($0.00 x 2 = $0.00; my Accounts Payable dept. loves that).

There are probably similar sites for other schools to pimp out their iPods in similar fashion, but to be perfectly frank I don't feel like doing the research to find out where such sites are. If you know of any feel free to share said sites in the comments.

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