Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Big One: 100 Years Ago Today

100 years ago today, on 18 April 1906 at 5.12 a.m., the most devastating earthquake in US history completely bitchslapped San Francisco. Between the quake and the ensuing fires, many sections of the city saw 80% of its buildings destroyed. This was the Hurricane Katrina of the 20th Century.

View from Ferry Building Clocktower

Fortunately, Jeff Spicoli's great-great grandfather, a San Francisco resident, survived the quake and spearheaded the rebuilding effort which allowed the great city to rebuild and once again thrive.

"My great-great grandfather can totally fix it.
He has an EXCELLENT set of tools."

In an interesting sidenote, Jeff Spicoli himself was in SF during the 1989 Earthquake. He was out at Ocean Beach in search of some "tasty waves" and amazingly never even heard or felt it, only later remarking "Whoa, dude!" when informed of what had happened.

"Sorry I missed the quake, Mr. Hand.
Wicked line at the vending machine."

Everything you ever wanted to learn about 'The Great Quake" can be found here and here. Additionally, on Thursday night at 9.00 p.m. the National Geographic Channel is showing a special documentary about it as well.

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