Thursday, April 6, 2006

So It Begins

So after a couple of years of a) periodic life-update-with-pictures emails to my entire address book and b) perusing & posting in various blogospheres, the time has come to see if this is a more efficient and/or fun way to do things, and allow me to collect my thoughts & interact with buddies in one place with regard to my various & random-ass interests. Some things that I will pontificate on here most often, in no particular order:

Football, college. Specifically that played by The Georgia Bulldogs, but lots of general observations from spending 13 hours straight every fall Saturday enjoying the beautiful outdoor splendor of mother nature, err, watching as many CFB games as humanly possible.

2005 SEC Championship:
Georgia 34-14 LSU

Football, proper. Specifically that played by Arsenal Football Club, as well as English/European football & major international competitions. MLS - not so much.

Highbury: 1913-2006. RIP.

Horse Racing. Specifically the Kentucky Derby, Triple Crown and the prep races leading up to the Triple Crown.

Derby Day: nothing beats it.

Golf. Usually concentrated around the majors & other major tournaments.

Basketball, college. I used to be 'that guy' - the one on the east coast who stayed up until 2 am. watching Utah State play Long Beach St., who would be amused that after watching 200+ games in a season would invariably lose the office pool to a middle aged woman who chose the champion becasue they wear her favorite color or her neice currently resides in or near that college town. Frequency of viewership has abated considerably in recent years, but still watch enough to think I know what the hell I am talking about... occasionally.

The man, the myth, the legend.
Making Big East Ken proud since 1986.

Other random sports things that catch my eye.

My adventures & travels around the state, country, and world.

The wacky world of life in San Francisco for a single, straight guy.

Whatever else catches my fancy.

So there it is. Consider yourselves officially welcomed.

Watch this space...


HarleyUpsMan said...

Don't worry man, you have officially been a dork in my book for years. Now you got me thinking about doing a biker party blog. Will keep you updated on the progress.

Anonymous said...


Your cuz in FL likes your sight(?) I am a relatively low tech guy, so I don't really get all of the nuances of blogs. As for the commentary: I have the field against Tiger at 1-1. We'll see how it fares. Go Gators!


Anonymous said...

Hi Mike,
Always love all of your emails, so this should be great fun! As your 'techie' aunt I can appreciate a blog ~ last weekend I started a web page for your cousin:!

Kanu said...

HUM - I'm pretty sure that is still available...

CBG - Thanks. Congrats again on the CBB national title. I hope DiMarco doesn't win this week; that would be just a bit too much Gatorness in my life for any 7 day span. Yuo'll love this little story I heard: a few weeks back at Doral, DiMarco couldn't play because his back was jacked up. Camilo Villegas, another UF alum, happened to be the 1st alternate and therefore got DiMarco's spot. DiMarco later said that if the 1st alternate were a Tennessee or Georgia grad, that he would stayed registered for the tournament, hit his teeball off the first tee on Thursday, and then promptly withdrawn, thereby keeping the Vol or Dawg out of the tournament.

M- Nice. When he is rich, famous, and has an entourage, I can say that I knew him since he was wee lad.

Anonymous said...

Hey Michael,
I must say that I don't think you're a dork. This is actually kinda cool. However, I'm not a sports fan at all so I have nothing to add. Sounds like you're doing well. I want to see pics from the European trip...let me know when you've got them up. Take Care Tricia

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